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When: October 12th 2020 - January 12th 2021

​There will be Recording Studio workshops focusing on production / recording instruments / vocals. Authentic experience of working in a professional recording studio with professional engineers / producer

At the venue we have a stage and will work on your live performance / confidence and what it takes to be a professional singer / performer

We will run artist management sessions, where you can learn what it takes and what you have to do to be an artist manager

Learn about music publishing and song writing

Learn how to run your own events and the logistics and costs of running an event

Below is a list of the subjects we will look at throughout the programme as 'focus areas.' We always say, do NOT look at this list and think 'Oh no, I don't want to do that,' as these are extremely hands on & productive sessions that ALL tie in to the music industry, one way or another. All of the above are integrated into the sessions in a fun & interactive way. These sessions are what will go towards gaining a traineeship certification when the programme is complete.

1: Introduction to The Programme Session

2: Mental Health Awareness Session 

3: Knife Crime and it’s Impact Session 

4: Understanding the power of Psychology Session 

5: Drug Awareness (Recreational) Session 

6: Tutorials

7: CV Workshop Session 

8: Education Options Session 

9: Working Career Options Session 

10: Psychological Evaluation & Results Session 

11: Interview Preparation Session 

12: Evaluation





Course eligibility 


- 16 & 19 year olds (Cannot turn 20 before January 12th 2021)

- You must NOT be in any form of education 

- Do NOT have the equivalent of a level 3 qualification in ANY subject 

- MUST have a love for music, one way or another!

- We have to see a form ID in order to run eligibility checks before we can accept anyone onto the course. We require a Passport, Driving Licence or Birth Certificate

- We MUST have a National Insurance number from you

If you are interested in signing up to Project 9, please email and we will come back to you with any questions we need to ask.

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