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🙌 #AloneTogether - You Are NEVER Alone! 🙌

Unit Nine would like to introduce to you #AloneTogether - A supportive concept for those choosing to attend events solo, helping to facilitate connections with likeminded people.

At Unit Nine, we frequently host events where individuals embrace the solo experience. While we applaud the courage it takes to attend alone, we also aim to cultivate friendships during the process.


The concept is straightforward: we've crafted an #AloneTogether wristband available to anyone entering an event. This wristband signals to others that the wearer is alone and open to meeting new people. Those familiar with the concept can approach individuals wearing the wristband, extending invitations to join their social circle.

The wearer has the flexibility to remove the wristband at any point—whether they've made new friends or simply prefer to continue solo partying.


Our door staff are well-versed in this initiative and is always available for support. If you're hesitant about wearing the wristband but still wish to connect, that's perfectly fine. Inform our staff upon arrival, and they'll gladly introduce you to our regulars, who are always welcoming to new faces.


We are #AloneTogether.

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